Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Undying Love

Well guys and girls, I've been asked why I haven't written about relationships on my blog yet, so I thought I'd give you an insight into my head and my heart. The thing that has captured my heart is warm, wet and lives in a cup! Yes, you've got it TEA!

For those of you who've known me for a while, or even for a couple of hours where there's been a kettle handy will know that TEA has played an important part of my life since I can remember. I can't remember my first cup and I don't even know if I immediately liked it. Did I take it with sugar? Or was I only drinking it to make me feel older than I really was? For those of you who don't know what I mean, think back to your first beer. Did you really like it? I mean really, I hated beer the first time, but only drank it because I might get drunk and that was supposedly the coolest and best thing you could do at the impressionable young age of XX.

My previous entry talked about my daily routine and only the most unobservant of you won't have noticed that the liquid gold has an essential part in my becoming human in the morning. In fact, without it I'm a quivering wreck! If I'm hungover, all I want is a strong cup of Yorkshire TEA! Failing that, Tetley's will do. If it's cold, I like to cradle my cup and woe betide anyone who tries to prize it from my hands! When I feel upset, happy, confused or exhausted, the brown stuff comes to my rescue and makes the clouds disappear! For God's sake, when Freddie and Swanny completed our first victory at Lords for 75 years, I went to the kitchen, put on a brew and sipped with a satisfied smile on my face.

At it's worst, my addiction was about 20 cups a day. This was approaching my finals at University. My close friend and I had a system where whenever one of our cups was empty, we'd pop on the kettle and refill! I dread to think about how many tea bags we got through in a week, but it was either impressive or sickening depending on your take on it. I guess in the UK I averaged about 12 cups but since I've been abroad it's fallen markedly.

That's not to say my 20 year love affair with TEA is waning, far from it! I'd say it's that my standards have remained high and the availability of good tea in Korea and Vietnam is severely limited. Ok, I could arrange for regular aid packages to be sent across, but I don't overly trust the postal service with something so precious! For example, I'm still waiting for my Christmas present from my parents which I'm lead to believe was sent in December 2007 to arrive! In the East, Lipton Tea is about the only option and although it's better than nothing, I still resent having to drink it! Maybe I'm just a snob, but it's not a patch on Tetley, PG or Yorkshire!

So what's it about Cha that makes it so essential to life? It could be the taste. It could be the warmth. It could even be the instant caffeine buzz that gets me through even the most tiring and trying times. I think it's because (to coin a phrase) it's 'a hug in mug' whenever I need it. It doesn't get jealous. I don't have to remember it's birthday! I'm not required to take it for dinner, or pick it up from work! It's just there, remains faithful and it doesn't ridicule, even when it's totally justified. It doesn't tell you 'I told you so' and just sits there in silence when I'm too tired or mad to talk! To sum up, it's the best friend you could wish for!

So I invite you all! Go to your kettle, put on a brew and even in the darkest and deepest of places remember 'While there's TEA, there's hope!'

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