Monday, July 5, 2010

Murder Mystery Night - Ramona's Birthday

Last weekend, Ramona (a good friend of mine) celebrated her birthday. As it's rude to reveal a lady's age I won't do that, but what I can do is tell you how the night went and why you should organise or attend one if you get the opportunity.

How does it work?

Well first the host of the party will buy a play written by some clever person, a far more accomplished and creative writer than I, and will assign roles to everyone. Before the party everyone should only read their role and dress accordingly. Our theme was 1920 mafia style so we all went to Ben Thanh Market to buy accessories. For me, this was only a classy hat as I already had a suit and white shirt which is all I needed as I'd managed to acquire a hip flask for the occasion. However, many of the girls went to far more effort and should be commended for their attire!

Once the party starts, all of the characters are given envelopes or cards which gives their story line. I had to speak to some of the Mafia bosses to convince them to buy some liquor from me as one of them had bought a tainted bottle of gin from me and had me blacklisted. To suit my character, I had a hip flask full of gin to offer to the other characters. Most accepted, but Notorious Nick, the North side boss who I'd allegedly poisoned refused. I bet he wished he had accepted as during the second act he'd dropped down dead! Anyways, all the characters mingled to try to establish their relationships and to find out some vital information that may reveal the killer later.

After part one, and several pints and pizzas had been consumed, Notorious Nick announced his engagement to another participant before promptly falling down dead. I have to admit it was an Oscar winning performance by Danny and he did his theatre school training proud. After that we were all given clues and additional information so that we could try to identify the murderer.

Obviously, this requires everyone to fully participate and I think everyone got into the spirit of things. People remained in character, shared and elaborated on the information they were given and it was an overriding success. Much credit must go to the hosts, Dan and Ramona, for putting on a well organised and thought-out party. We all had a thoroughly entertaining and wonderful night. At the end of the party, we all had to guess who we thought was the murderer given the information available. And the night drew to an end.

To cap the night off, we sang Happy Birthday to Ramona in Polish, not randomly but because that's where she's from! A big thanks must go to Dan and Ramona again for a splendid and unforgettable evening!

Fun Fun Fun

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  1. Hmmm, now you've got me thinking for my birthday in December... At least I've got plenty of time to plan! ^_^