Sunday, July 18, 2010

RMIT Sports Events

Recently I've started organising work sports events. They've all been pretty successful, particularly as we've had the involvement of people who wouldn't usually play sport at the weekend. Hopefully this marks the start of a sports culture at RMIT as we are lucky to have some very good facilities and we should make the most of them.


Firstly, Dan and I put on a pairs cricket game one Sunday afternoon. Not many people in the office have had too much exposure to my favourite sport, but we thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce our game to everyone. Dan booked the pitch, organised beers and drummed up interest while I worked on the rules we would use and format of the day. Most of the people who signed up turned up on the day which was fantastic. Unfortunately I had made one side much stronger than the other so the game wasn't that close, but I think that everyone had a good time. More importantly, everybody got to bat and bowl so I don't think anybody felt left out. Encouragingly, a few people requested that we do it again, so hopefully, with more even sides, we'll give it another bash in a month or two after the culmination of the rainy season. Hopefully next time I'll get to play, but as we had an odd number of people and someone was needed to officiate, I umpired but enjoyed the ocassion nonetheless.

6 Aside Football World Cup

Secondly I helped booking pitches and referees for a pre-world cup 6 aside football tournament. Apparently the 4 team event was a success which was good. We had a whole load of non-footballers playing which mirrored the success of our cricket game. We had an English, Vietnamese, American and rest of the world team. Again, Dan organised the beer, Pete and John got the teams together and everyone else turned up on the day. I was in Nha Trang as I was injured and decided to see another part of Vietnam which you may have read about earlier. The Vietnamese team, comprising of the staff at RMIT, won the tournament. Apparently, typcially, the English took things very seriously and the other teams were a little more easy going. It was, we thought, a perfect pre-curser to the England v USA game that evening but obviously that game is best forgotten!

Pool Tournament

After plenty of bar talk, I eventually got round to booking 4 tables at a local pool hall. 15 people signed up but due to various incidents, only 9 took part on the day. This changed my initially planned 16 man knock out to 2 groups followed by a semi final and final. We asked the girls who worked in the hall to make the draw and a group of death and group of life emerged. Group 1 comprised of Me, Danny G, Carl and Dewa with the second being John W, Noel, Stephanie, Minh and Trent.

Group 1 was fairly one sided at the top. Dewa, a pool shark from Bali, won all his games only losing 1 frame in the process. Carl, Danny G and myself all defeated one another leading to a final frame shoot out between Carl and I as we had won more frames than Danny. Carl won as I potted the black in a game that was slipping out of my grasp.

Group 2 was more predictable. Noel and John were the favourites after the draw was made and they finished top of the pile. Some highlights of the group were Minh's defeat of John is the final group game and Stephanie taking a frame or 2 off Minh. John finished top of his group having won one more frame than the Irish merecat!

Semi Finals - Going into the semi-finals the favourite was Dewa. However, Noel gave him a good game. The final result was 4-3 to Dewa who rode his luck a bit to win. The other semi between John and Carl was 4-2 to Wheeler. Fitting, both group winners made it through to the final.

Final - Wheeler prevailed 4-2. It won't go down as a classic, but by that time a few beers had been consumed. The highlight of the final has got to be Dewa's clearance from the break, something I had never seen been achieved before. Anyway, congrats to John.

It was a fun day. Hopefully everybody will be able to play next time, but I must admit a preference to the roundrobin group format as everybody gets more than one game. Also, next time I hope not to be asked for rules when I'm playing as at times I was being asked questions when I was down on a shot!

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