Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A tribute to sweet food

Now, who can deny the wondrous power of sugar? Who can tell me that you can have a perfectly good meal without it? Well, after reading this, if you can successfully argue against me, I'll buy you a custard donut! Whilst this is meant in jest, and there's a history of diabetes later in life in my family, I love all sweet food and can't bare to imagine a day when I'm not allowed to tuck into a sugary treat! When I feel low, I eat ice cream or cake. If I have no energy and feel tired on a night out, there's Jagerbombs. When the I get hit with a cold, sweet tea soon brings my spirits up! Therefore, let me tell you about my life long addiction to sugar, in all its glorious forms.

I can't pinpoint when my love affair started, you'd have to ask my mum about this. And if she's reading, if she could offer any insight I'd greatly appreciate it. My earliest memories are of frequent trips to the cake shop which was about a 2 minute walk from the flat we used to live in. I recall that Belgium buns were a particular favourite of mine. Whether it was sickly icing or the glacier cherry on top I can't work out, but my mouth is watering right now just thinking about them! Now, at this time my mum was a prolific baker (okay, perhaps I'm bending the truth a little but it was a while back so I can't clearly remember) and sweets were her specialty with biscuits, scones and buns with jam in the middle coming fresh out the oven most frequently!

Following this early induction into the world of cake, I discovered tea. Now, whilst tea is a touch on the bitter side, biscuits soon sorted that problem out! Custard creams, digestives, bourbons, short bread and chocolate hobnobs to name but a few! Early memories involve me dipping digestives into my tea for a fraction too long, and having to scoop out the debris with a spoon. However, custard creams will always be my favourite, and I happily eat a packet at a time, similarly to how others eat crisps!
The next phase in the sweet food relationship started when I started earning as I could start to regularly visit Monica's Patisserie. Now, if you worked there, you probably hate cakes in all their variety, but for an indulger, it was like heaven. Cream cakes, pastries, cookies and buns in all shapes and sizes. In sixth form (grade 12 and 13 for those not in the know) I took daily visits to the cake shop and would often eat 3 cakes for lunch (this may explain my belly) with caramel chocolate shortbread and paradise slices being my favourites.

These of course would be washed down with sugary goodness in carbonated drinks and hot chocolate! And sod's law being as it is, I have never had any fillings or problems with my teeth!!


Other desserts that tickle my taste buds are trifle, apple pie/crumble and custard, cheesecake, banoffee pie, pancakes, Christmas and wedding cakes to name but a few. However, what meal is complete without sugary goodness? Curry goes hand in hand with peshwari naan bread, a Sunday roast needs pudding and custard, afternoon supper requires biscuits and a bacon sandwich in the morning comes with a tea and 2 sugars. Now, I'm off to put the kettle on and have some banana bread.

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