Sunday, October 31, 2010

Movember - Are you man enough?

Right, let's do it! I've heard enough about it and the time has come! Gentlemen, get your razors ready. Why?

What is Movember?

This is an annual month awareness drive to raise money for men's health. Participants are required to clean shave on November 1st and to grow a moustache for the remainder of the month. This 'mo' will be to us the ribbon many women wear in raising breast cancer awareness. The purpose of Movember is to raise awareness for prostate cancer, which is the number one cancer that affects men.

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Calling all Saigoners

Now don't be nervous, shy or attempt this half hearted. I know I look ridiculous when I grow facial hair as it just looks like fluff! Don't be put off by the Mrs saying is feels horrible when you kiss her. And remember why we are doing this! As men, we don't often talk about our health, let alone go to the doctors/hospital when we know there's something wrong with us as we are afraid or too manly to seek professional medical advice. So let's raise awareness of health issues affecting us and grow a mo!

Therefore, I make this challenge to all men in Saigon: Grow a mo and gloat on a beer on Movember 30th after successfully growing a full on moustache! Who knows, you might even like it!

You will be able to follow my progress on here (Kinda my version of twitter!)! I will upload the first picture tomorrow on the commencement of my task, and every few days watch my face become increasingly unrecognisable!

Good luck one and all! Let's do it for men's health!!

Day 1 - It all begins Freshly shaven.....
Day 6 - And nothing much to report as of yet!
Day 11 - Some little rootlings of a mo have started to appear! - the joys and woes of having a baby face!

Day 17 - It's almost starting to look respectable

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