Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's the point in Halloween?

Right now I'm sat in Ben Tre visiting the inlaws. I decided that this weekend would be a good time to visit because I didn't have any sports events organised and that I wanted to escape the mulitude of Halloween parties in HCMC.

I hate Halloween. I mean, I really don't get it! Surely it's a case of globalisation gone wrong! Why do we need to celebrate supernatural nonsense that has no bearings on reality? Endless horror movie marathons on HBO and Star movies from the 1st of October started to lose their appeal midway through the first week when I realised just how bad most of the movies made to coincide with Oct 31st are truly awful, not scary and poorly acted. Moreover, the stupid Halloween specials that most TV shows are generally cringable with horrific plots and predictable storylines. Bar and pub owners decide to hang up Pumpkins and get their staff to dress up in costumes....original! But what do I really dislike so much about Halloween?

1) Teaching children to become beggars

Now, I feel sad and sorry for the countless homeless people around the world. Their circumstances vary significantly but generally they are desperate, hungry and battling for survival. These people need to beg for money.

Now, children, mostly coming from well off families, dress up in costumes as skeletons, witches, devils and zombies and knock on peoples doors begging for candies or money! Great, let's teach the future generations that they don't need to work hard in the future and they can just ask for anything they want! That's really smart.

To make matters worse, what's with the whole 'trick or treat?' thing! If you don't give us something you're mean and deserve to be punished? Adults supervising the children looking disapprovingly at those who don't give their offspring gifts. Quite pathetic if you ask me! Also, on the rare occasions where the 'trick' in implemented, it often causes a nuisance and inconvenience at the minimum, to those, who like me, don't believe in this nonsense 'holiday'. At worse, tricks lead to damaged property or injuries. Now, how can anybody condone this?

2) Grown adults spending hours pouring over fancy dress costumes

Dressing up is fun. I like doing it and yes, I'll trapse around markets and shops trying to find those small accessories so necessary to putting the icing on the cake of the outfit. However, why do it at Halloween? For one thing, the timing isn't exactly original. Prices will be inflated as they always are around public holidays. Everybody generally has the same ideas of dressing as Angels and Demons, Satan or Frankenstein. If you reflect on the parties you went to last night, how many people did you see as the afore mentioned? I'd wager a few.

Additionally, the countless conversations about what you'll come dressed as or being made to feel like you're 'odd' for not getting into it become a touch tedious. It's good to be excited and have something to look forward to, but I do feel that many do go overboard, spend a lot of money on something that they'll only wear once and the competitiveness of trying to have the best costume is quite amusing!

Anyways, my sour grapes moment has now passed. Sorry if I've offended anyone but I really don't get the whole Halloween thing and I certainly won't be attending any parties this weekend!


  1. Totally agree, dumb holiday. Still, it's also a good excuse for a party!

  2. Couldn't agree more!