Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beer Pong!

About 10 days ago, I was introduced to perhaps the coolest drinking game in the world - Beer Pong.  This 'sport' will liven up even the most happening of parties.  Let me explain the rules....


A table - preferably a table tennis table, but any table of a reasonable size will suffice
A stack of ping-pong balls - let's face it, in any drinking games balls are going to get lost
12 paper cups
A couple of creates of beer (minimum recommended)


1.  Players are to stand at either end of the table
2.  At either end of the table, 6 cups are placed one palms width from the baseline, in 10pin bowling formation.  Please refer to diagram below.
3.  Beer (or drink of choice) is poured to between half to three-quarters full.

Aim of the game
Primary Aim:  To throw the ball into the cup
Secondary Aim:  To get the opposing drunk
Tertiary Aim:  To get yourself drunk

Side note: aims may vary dependent on the individual


1.  Maximum number of players - 4
2.  Players take alternate shots except if the ball comes back to their side of the table.  The ball must cross half way on the table. 
3.  All throwing methods are permitted (unless deemed too camp by the host of the game)
4.  The ball must not be impeded until after it bounces or hits an obstacle
5.  Cups are not to be moved unless through rule 7
6.  If the ball lands into the cup (and remains there) without bouncing,  the opposing team must drink and remove one of their cups
7.  If the ball lands into the cup (and remains there) after bouncing or hitting an obstacle, the opposing team must drink and remove two of their cups
8.  At one time during the game, each team can ask for a reorganisation of their cups.
9.  If one of the opposing team's players has a drink in their hand and the ball is thrown into said cup, the game is instantly over
10. The game finishes once either side has throw the ball into all of the opposition's cups or the game has ended through regulation 9
11.  At the end of the game, any remaining drinks on the winner's side are given to the losing team by way of a penalty
12.  Any players not having fun or are being knobheads will instantly be removed from the game and live in social isolation for the duration of the party

So, next time your at a party, give this game a try!  You won't regret it!

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