Friday, June 17, 2011

Our New House


  1. Looks fantastic mate, nice one. Which one's our room for Christmas? ;)

  2. You guys will be the room in the final picture! It's upstairs and round the corner! It's bare right now because we don't move in for another week! Can't wait as it's in a fantastic part of town and the rent is really good! Can't wait to having you both here!!!

  3. looks good Mark so excited about our first grandchild in August, although I am far too young to be a grandad!

  4. Looks lovely. Just don't let Hanh move all the furniture !

  5. Haha! Prepare for a crazy American visitor! Now that you have a snazzy house, I'll have to hop over from Seoul and visit. ^_^

  6. Dad - Glad you're excited! You'll have to get over this 'too old thing soon!'

    Mum - Who else is going to move the furniture if she doesn't :-p In all seriousness, not a lot needs changing but I guess I'll have to do things heehee

    Emma - You're more than welcome anytime!

  7. Mark - the house looks lovely. Hanh looks right at home! And with perfect timing - the little one can't be too far away from arriving now!

    Ive noticed that BA are going to introduce direct flights to Vietnam from Jan '12 - Think G and I may try and head over soon after - we have been dreaming of Vietnam for years - now to cram it in to two weeks! You will have to give us a long list before we come out - tea? choccie? so we can throw customs officials off the scent on our way back ("they cant possibly be bringing more than £120 worth of goods back - their suitcases weigh exactly the same as when they went out!")as I have been dreaming of getting some new clothes in Hoi An and laquerware for years now.

    Keep up the posts - we love hearing about your adventures and how you are getting on.

    Love to you, Hanh and Bump

  8. Awesome!!!

    You're both welcome to stay for as long as you want and we'd love to see ya! It's a great country to visit and you certainly wouldn't be disappointed!

    Hope everything is going with you guys! Been really busy so not been able to post much recently but will have some baby related posts coming soon!

    Hope to chat soon and cheers for the message! :-)